How to Request Course Certification

If you are attending classes through USCA, online or on campus, you will need to follow these simple steps prior to the start of each semester in order for the Office of Veteran and Military Success to properly certify your courses in a timely manner.

  1. Upon completion of advisement print out your most recent degree works notes, or retain a copy of your paper advisement signed by your adviser, and ensure the courses on your concise student schedule match the advisement notes for your degree plan.
  2. Once you have verified the advisement matches the courses you signed up for, print a copy of your concise student schedule.
  3. After you have both verified the degree works notes/advisement and concise student schedule match, and printed them both out, you should provide these copies to the Office of Veteran and Military Student Success for review. 
  4. After review you may turn in a completed Certification Request form that properly highlight the semester you wish to be certified for, and the benefit you will be using for that semester. If submitted your CRF electronically, it must be faxed for security purposes to 803-643-6838.
  5. Once The veteran and Military Student Success Center has received all of the above mentioned paperwork please allow 30 days process time. 

*Note: If you are utilizing Ch 31 benefit, you will need to include a completed book release form and matching book print out.

Transient Students: Also provide a signed and approved parent letter matching your advisement and class schedule from your parent university.

If applicable: please provide copies of updated COE, approved Governor's letter, approved 702, active duty verification, vocational rehabilitation authorization, and any other important paperwork that may pertain to your billing process.

*Note: Any paperwork containing sensitive information such as social security numbers, VA file numbers, or banking information must be sent via fax to 803-643-6838, or brought into the VMSSC. Please do not email sensitive information.

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