Community Outreach

     If you are interested in volunteering for community projects, or if you may need assistance for yourself or family then you are in the right place. The local area offers a number of great programs to help.

Aiken County Veteran Affairs

Veterans Affairs Officer: Dwight Bradham 


               Office Number: 803-649-3800

                                FAX: 803-642-1592   

Saratoga War Horse 

               Aiken Director: Mary K. Philipp


                                Cell: 803-221-5599 or 803-306-6400

Augusta Warrior Project


                           Phone: 706-951-7506



                          Phone: 480-802-9339


        Executive Director: Suzanne Jackson


                            Office: 803-649-3800

    Client Appointments: 803-642-5919

                                Fax: 803-642-3838

Golden Harvest Food Bank

   Outreach Coordinator: Terri Lawhorn


                            Office: 803-648-0752

                               Cell: 765-744-3778

Cumbee Center

                 Aiken Office: 803-649-0480

            Barnwell Office: 803-259-4451

           Edgefield Office: 803-637-4037

Veterans of Foreign Wars

American Legion


Volunteer Match