Shianne Huffman

     Ms. Shianne Huffman is a current student in the College of Sciences and Engineering studying to achieve her Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in Professional Writing by May 2019.

     Shianne was born in Fort Stewart, GA and was raised in Havana FL. She honorably served in the United States Air Force from February 2008 to June 2010, and the United States Army from November 2010 April 2015. After honorably separating from the military she attended Midlands Tech, and graduated with an Associates in Science.

     Shianne joined our team here at USCA in the Spring of 2017 after her acceptance to USCA in the astrophysics program. after some time, she changed majors to Exercise Science. She is currently the VMSS back office team lead, and is in charge of pre-certifying benefits for students. Her community passions include cross-fit, Sprint Triathlons, and going to the local planetariums.

    After graduation her long term goals include opening an Occupational Therapy Company for Civilian and Veteran amputees, and have ESA dogs that are amputees for emotional support.