Megan Elledge

     Ms. Megan Elledge is a Senior pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She currently works as a student success advocate specializing in student pre-certification of military and family member educational benefits, chapter 33 invoicing, as well as being the lead in the website design for the Veteran and Military Student Success Center.

     Megan was born in Marathon, FL. She was raised in the Florida Keys and in our local Aiken community. Her love for the ocean was something that she had from the very beginning, and upon graduating South Aiken High School, she decided to join the United States Navy.

     While Megan served in the U.S. Navy, she was stationed aboard carriers, destroyers, LHD's and shore commands from February of 2002 through November of 2013. She successfully completed 4 deployments and was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal twice in her Naval career, all while maintaining high marks a leader in her field of navigation. She also served as her local command Sexual Assault Prevention Advocate, worked to support the City of Jacksonville, Florida as part of the volunteers for city clean up, and volunteer math-tutoring services to Duval County elementary and middle schools.

     After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy, Megan decided she wanted to go back to further her education here at USCA. However, due to life's little speed bumps she found herself having to wait two years before starting, during which she worked as a Marketing Manager for top fortune 500 companies around the country in conjunction with attending college in North Florida. Once she was in a place where she could successfully transition back to Aiken, she quickly returned as a full time student to USCA.

     Upon reconnecting with the Director of the Veteran and Military Student Success Center and observing the genuine and hardworking efforts of student advocates toward fellow student success, she quickly joined the team.

     While at USCA, she hopes to build her student relations through daily interaction and educational support. She also hopes to gain the necessary skills to enter into the human resources community as a Human Resource Manager and Generalist upon successfully completing her degree plan. She also hopes to become an independent business owner after retirement, where she can display her artwork as well as the artwork of local artists within the community.