Anne Parent

     Ms. Anne Parent graduated from The University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is currently enrolled at the University of South Carolina Aiken in the Master of Clinical Psychology Graduate Program.

     Anne was born in Detroit, MI, and moved around a lot as a kid, living in Texas, Ohio, and Germany.

     Prior to joining the VMSS team at USC Aiken, she taught 8th grade Math in Darlington, South Carolina through the program Teach for America. She enjoyed seeing her students grow in academic and personal areas and decided she wanted to work on developing student's full potential in higher education settings. Prior to working with the VMSSC, Anne also worked as a susbtance abuse counselor. Here, she learned invaluable clinical skills and loved seeing her client's reach their goals. She is interested in working with veterans, and it was because of USCA's strong ties to the veteran community and their own veteran population that she made the decision to accept the invitation to work for the VMSSC.

     Anne applied and was hired for the position as a Veteran Transition Success Advocate for the Office of Veteran and Military Student Success through the graduate student internship at USC Aiken. In this role, she speaks with all incoming military affiliated members of the VMSS cohort on a one-on-one basis to ensure that their college transition is going as smoothly as possible. She makes continuous efforts to meet with students who are experiencing any mental health issues related to daily school, work, or personal stressors or concerns that may arise during their time at USC Aiken. This position was implememnted in order to safeguard a successful and mentally healthy graduation for our military affiliated students.

      In her spare time, she loves to run, sing, and play her ukulele. She is involved with school affiliated ICE Events, and presentations to USCA staff and students regarding mental health. 

     Anne is currently using her efforts to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of graduate students, such as herself, that work with veteran students at USC Aiken. She would like to leave USCA knowing that she successfully assisted in furthering the research base for impact of mental health stigma and how to break it. She also hopes to work with veterans as a counselor, and with the community organizations that assist veterans in the transition from military service into civilian life.