CHAPTER 30 - The Montgomery GI Bill (“new” GI Bill)

  • The Montgomery GI Bill (“new” GI Bill):  This program provides educational benefits for individuals entering the military service after June 30, 1985. (Reservists and National Guard members should refer to Chapter 1606 below).

NOTE: Any previous recipient of “old” GI Bill benefits should report them as Chapter 30 on this form.

CHAPTER 31 – Vocational Rehabilitation for Service-Disabled Veterans

  • This program is for individuals who have a compensable service connected disability, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs determines that training and rehabilitation services are needed to overcome an employment handicap.  Students reporting this benefit must report monthly subsistence allowance on this form. 
  • Apply for Benefits

CHAPTER 33 – Post – 9/11 GI Bill

  • This program is for individuals who served on active duty after 09/10/2001.  Individuals must have served for an aggregated period of at least 90 days or served at least 30 continuous days and received a disability discharge.
  • Apply for Benefits

    NOTE: Individuals are eligible while on active duty after serving a period of 90 days.

    USC Aiken is a “YELLOW RIBBON” participant. (See VA Coordinator for more details)

CHAPTER 1606 – Montgomery GI Bill:  Selected Reserve (old Chapter 1606)

  • This program is available to members of the Selected Reserve including the National Guard. 

The VA will make the final decisions regarding benefit eligibility and payment amounts.

*Reminder: Applying for benefits through allows the VA to set the parameters of your benefits. Using your benefits to pay for classes and to receive book stipend/BAH benefits (Chapter 33) requires certification through the VMSS office.