Here at the Veteran and Military Student Success Center of USC Aiken, we devote ourselves to making absolutely sure that every veteran, current military member, and military family member that attends our University has what they need to be successful. 

In addition to the military funded educational benefits, there are many options to assist students financially. All students are urged and encouraged to submit their FAFSA to financial aid. There are also scholarships available either nationally or locally. 

Financial aid plays a vital role in the success of students. If you need help searching for scholarships, please come by the VMSSC or visit the Office of Financial Aid. 

Loans are another option, but before taking out student loans set up an appointment with a financial aid specialist and do some outside research as well. 

"The GI Bill has been a blessing, but making ends meet with a family has been a real challenge. The scholarships I won made the difference between being able to focus on a 15 credit hour load with good grades and having to work more than a part time job at the expense of my grades." -Thomas Gardiner, prior student

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