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What is a Pacesetter?

The Pacesetters are a group of peer mentors who act as guides for incoming students during Orientation. Two of the most important responsibilities of a Pacesetter are to help students move smoothly through their college experience and adjust to college life at USCA. They also answer questions, distribute information, and organize activities. In order to be successful orientation leaders, Pacesetters participate in an exciting and educational leadership development program.

There are two different kinds of Pacesetters. One type of Pacesetter, Freshmen Pacesetters, works with the New Student Orientation programs and the other type, Dual Freshmen & Transfer/Nontraditional Pacesetters, work with both the New Student and Transfer/Nontraditional programs. Both traditional and transfer students can apply for either position.

Apply to be a Pacesetter!

USC Aiken Pacesetters will have the opportunity to gain many leadership opportunities and work directly with new students.

If you are interested in having the summer of your lifetime with student leaders just like you, get ready and apply!

Applications are available in the Student Life Office, or you may apply online at

Application Deadline: January 30, 2019.

For questions, contact Kevin Nolan at

Apply to be a Pacesetter

Pacesetter Requirements

As a Freshmen Pacesetter you will be held responsible for the following:

  1. Must fill out an application and complete an interview
  2. Must maintain a cumulative 2.25-grade point average
  3. Attend the Pacesetter Welcome Reception on March 5th
  4. Work at least two hours in the Pacer Phone-A-Thon, which will be held on March 4th, 6th, and 7th
  5. Attend the Pacesetter Retreat on April 12th
  6. Expected to live on campus throughout June and July trainings and orientations (June 18-21, June 26-27, July 15-16, and Aug. 18-19)
  7. Expected to meet with an assigned group of students and/or their parents during the orientation programs
  8. Freshman Pacesetters receive $500 in appreciation for their service

As a Dual Freshman & Transfer/Nontraditional Pacesetter, you will be held responsible for the following:

  1. All duties listed above for Freshmen Pacesetter
  2. Expected to be in attendance for training and orientation (June 24-25, July 17-18, and Aug. 18-19)
  3. Dual-Transfer Pacesetters receive $750 in appreciation for their service


Qualities of a Pacesetter

  • Are the primary student contacts for incoming students
  • Will participate and encourage group participation in all activities during orientation
  • Must be sensitive to transitional behaviors and feelings of incoming students
  • Will act as a primary source of information regarding University policies, procedures, traditions,
  • Must attend and participate in all training activities and Orientation programs for respective position
  • Will be aware of sources of University information and how to utilize them by making effective
  • Shall employ effective communication and peer counseling skills when working with incoming
  • Shall promote involvement in campus activities and organizations.