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Report Community Service Hours

IMPACT (Community Service)

Why Should I Report My Community Service Hours?

During the first week of each month of the academic year, IMPACT (USC Aiken Community Service Organization), will add the total service hours from the previous month!

After tallying up the hours, IMPACT will give 2 awards.

1 to the individual winner & 1 to the organization winner of the most service hours of that month!


To enter in service hours, each individual will need to create a Presence account. This is a fast and easy site and will keep track of every hour that’s logged in.

Report Community Service Hours

All of your service hours matter and will add up!!

Each year in March, the Leadership Banquet takes place. We will add up all the service hours from the present academic calendar year and will present two awards.

The two awards will be for the most service hours for the academic calendar year for the individual student and for the organization.