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Intern Q&A: Katherine Kruckow

Katherine Kruckow Katherine Kruckow

Many University of South Carolina Aiken students have the opportunity to gain experience in their chosen fields through internships with local companies. Katherine Kruckow, a fine arts major graduating in May 2024, will serve as the social media marketing/content creation intern for S.A. Mikell & Company beginning May 15.

What will your role with S.A. Mikell & Company involve?

S.A. Mikell & Company is a residential and commercial construction firm in Aiken. I will serve as a content creator, sourcing content for the company's Instagram, Facebook and TikTok pages to promote the company's work.

How were you chosen for the role?

USC Aiken hosted professional interviews for the firm on campus. There were other candidate for the job as well, so I'm grateful to have been chosen.

How does this opportunity align with your career goals?

My main area of interest is in graphic design. This internship will allow me to focus more on graphics and expand my work product in digital design. Eventually I'd like to have a job that first and foremost keeps me financially stable, but that also keeps me learning. I don't want to ever feel comfortable. I always want to learn something new and keep current in the field.

What else do you hope to gain from this experience?

In a non-selfish way, I hope my work through the internship gets my name out locally in the industry and give me ideas on what types of graphic design work I can do for other companies. While I would love to spread my wings and explore living in other parts of the country, I can't deny how helpful local support is with getting a job. Right now I plan to stay in Aiken for at least a couple of years after I graduate.

What led you to choose a fine arts major?

I began drawing a lot at an early age. It came naturally to me, and I always loved it.

What advice would you give other students seeking an internship?

Just find something you love. Don't apply for any internship just so that you'll have one. Find something that will be a good match for your career.

What other experiences have helped prepare you for your future in graphic design?

I'm a member of the Esports Team, a campus club that brings students together who share a love of online gaming. Soon after I joined, I became the club's media manager, which involves creating flyers for our news and events and running our social media accounts. It gives me another opportunity to design graphics and add to my work product. The gaming part is also a nice side hobby!

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