First PACE 2019

Promoting Academic Commitment & Excellence

What is First PACE?

First PACE is a highly-selective, invitation-only provisional acceptance program designed for first-year students who have academic potential, but do not meet the SAT/ACT, GPA and/or high school class ranking requirements to be offered admission as a USC Aiken student.

This program provides a supportive and structured environment for successful transition and academic achievement at USC Aiken. Students in First PACE have access to program only courses and are introduced to college success techniques, study skills and strategies, academic resources, mentoring, and community events.

Students offered provisional admission through First PACE are expected to fully embrace this opportunity and commit to the First PACE challenge. We provide the PACE by Promoting Academic Commitment and Excellence and then expect our students to take the first step towards keeping the PACE!

What does provisional admission mean?

A student accepted through provisional admission has not met regular admissions requirements. However, the student has shown the potential to be academically successful at USC Aiken, if provided with academic and other support services, during their first year at the university.

A student will then be allowed to potentially enroll in up to two semesters through the First PACE program in order to improve their academic performance and be granted full admission to USC Aiken during the next academic year.

Provisional admission requires active participation in First PACE. Students who commit to and successfully complete all program requirements will transition into full regular admission status at the beginning of their second year at USC Aiken.

Each student accepted through provisional admission is given an opportunity to advance to regular admission by successfully completing the First PACE academic transition program. However, it is the responsibility of the student to commit to the program and successfully complete program requirements. If a student fails to complete the program requirements of First PACE, they will not be granted regular admission and an administrative hold will be placed on their academic record which will prevent them from registering in future semesters.

Enrollment Process for First PACE