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Department of Sociology

Helping students understand group life and dynamics

The Department of Sociology offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, as well as three minors: Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice, and Anthropology and Human Geography. Sociology majors may choose to pursue a general degree or may choose to focus their major on courses relevant to a career in human services or in the field of criminology and criminal justice.

The Department of Sociology is currently serving nearly 160 majors.

Most majors have selected either the Criminology/Criminal Justice or the Human Services concentration, while others enjoy the flexibility offered in the program of study for the general B.A. degree in sociology. Faculty members in the department are dedicated to offering students a curriculum with the highest possible standards. Faculty strive to prepare students with a solid theoretical background in specific course areas and to develop their applied research skills and analytical abilities. Our graduates report that the knowledge and skills acquired through their programs of study have been fundamental to their performance in their professional capacities. We are proud that they have enjoyed success in a wide variety of careers as well as in graduate and law school.