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"A vast majority of entrepreneurs start a business to make money. Thus, the primary goal of business owners is to maximizing their wealth. To accomplish this goal they need skills that estimate the effects of alternative operating, investing, and financing strategies have on the value of their business. Finance uses value-based management techniques to guide decision making that minimizes expected risk and maximizes expected return. The skills you will learn in SOBA’s finance program can be applied in areas such as:

commercial and investment banking portfolio management  public finance
investment analysis and strategy private wealth management business consulting 
real estate  corporate strategy  private equity 
insurance  project valuation and management government non-profits
risk management  small business development   

For more information on careers in finance go to:   Potential entrepreneurs looking for help can go to:"

- Dr. Paul Newsom
Assistant Professor of Finance

Current Degree Requirements

BSBA with a Concentration in Finance

Finance Links

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