As our mission states, our curriculum should prepare students to meet the challenges of global business and dynamic society. SOBA Study Abroad participants gain unique experiences and learn about business around the world! The School of Business Administration is proud to offer two outstanding opportunities for students to travel and study in Europe: Study Abroad Program and the IÉSEG Student Exchange Program.

The Study Abroad Program was initiated in May 1999 and was such a success that the School decided to continue the project as a yearly event. Our program is a rewarding educational experience that allows students to engage in a unique and enlightening learning format. In addition to an academic experience, the trip offers the opportunity to understand the amazing history and culture of several European countries. Past destinations include: Prague, London, Berlin, Milan, Vienna, Budapest, and Paris.

Initiated in August 2008, the IÉSEG Student Exchange Program provides students the opportunity to study for a semester at the prestigious IÉSEG School of Management in Lille, France. Located one hour outside Paris, studying at the IÉSEG School of Management is the opportunity for adventurous and curious students.