Aref Hervani, PhD


Ph.D. (Natural Resource Management & Environmental Economics), West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, December 1997.

M.A. (Economics), The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, December 1990.

B.A. (Economics), University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, May 1985.

Fields of Specialization

Research: Energy and environmental policy analysis, applied microeconomics, market failure and market structure analysis, green supply chain management, reverse logistics operation, reuse, recycling, sustainability, and effective teaching styles.

Teaching: Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Survey of Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, International Economics, Money Banking, Managerial Economics, Green Business & Sustainability Practices.

Fullbright Scholar

Fulbright Scholar (Lecturer), School of Business and Management of Technology, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus, Fall 2013.

Grant Award Recipient

Principal Investigator (Project Director) for a Grant award “Minority Retirement Security Grant Program,” from the U.S. Department of Education, recipient Chicago State University, Fall 2013-2015.

Journal Articles and Peer Reviewed Book Chapter

Hervani, Aref A, Sarkis, Joseph, and Marilyn Helms, Nandi, Santosh, “Block Chain Technology and Socially Sustainable Supply Chains – A Valuation Perspective,” Green Production Engineering And Management, Elsevier Publishing, Upcoming February 2020.

Nandi, Santosh, Hervani, Aref A, Sarkis, Joseph, and Marilyn Helms, “Circular Economy Business Models – Supply Chain Perspectives,” Engineering Management Review, upcoming March 2020.

Hervani, Aref A, Sarkis, Joseph, and Marilyn Helms, “Environmental Goods Valuation for Social Sustainability: A Conceptual Framework,” Technological Forecasting & Social Change Journal, Fall, 2017.

Sarkis, Joseph and Hervani, Aref A, “Sustainable Supply Chain Performance Measurement: Concerns and Directions,” Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Fourth Quarter, Fall, 2017.

Aka, Philip C, Oku, Chidera, Arnott-Hill, Elizabeth & Aghaei Hervani, Aref, “Why Low-Income Workers Need to Save for Retirement and How They Can Do It.” The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) Law Review, Rev 2, 2-3, September 2016. 

Raina M. Rutti, Marilyn M. Helms, Hervani Aref A., Joanne LaBonte, and Sy Sarkarat, “The Service Learning Projects: Stakeholder Benefits and Potential Class Topics,” Journal of Learning in Higher Education, Vol 58, Issue 4, Fall 2016.

Philip C. Aka, Aref A. Hervani, and Elizabeth Arnott-Hill, “Protection Against The Economic Fears of Old Age: Six Micro and Macro Steps For Bridging the Gap in Retirement Security Between Blacks and Whites,” Vermont Law Review, Volume 40 No. 1, 2015.

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