Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The USC Aiken School of Business delivers an engaging business education that prepares students for career success and encourages positive community impact.

To accomplish our mission, we seek to create a caring learning environment that helps our students understand the global, technological, and ethical issues in today’s business world.

The undergraduate business program is delivered through quality instruction in both face-to-face classroom settings, as well as through an online degree completion program for place-bound or non-traditional students, while the graduate business program is delivered online.

SOBA faculty maintain currency within their business disciplines by conducting relevant research, with a primary emphasis on peer-reviewed intellectual contributions in applied research, including both contributions to practice and learning and pedagogical research, and a secondary emphasis on discipline-based scholarship, which involves basic or theoretical research.

SOBA faculty are engaged outside the University through service in scholarly and professional organizations in their disciplines as well as business consulting and training activities provided to the local community.


Vision Statement 

The USCA School of Business Administration will be recognized as an exemplary provider of undergraduate business education for both traditional and non-traditional students and graduate business education for students in South Carolina and neighboring states.

Core Values 

Communication: SOBA students will develop the written and oral communication skills necessary for success in their business careers.

Technology: SOBA students will develop the basic technological skills to prepare them for their business careers. 

Globalization: SOBA students will acquire a global perspective of the modern business environment.

Business Knowledge: SOBA students will acquire the basic business knowledge necessary for success in their business careers.

Ethics and Social Responsibility: SOBA students will develop an appreciation for ethical decision-making, and the social responsibility of business to all stakeholders.


The School of Business Administration encourages students and faculty to appreciate and welcome diversity in the global workplace.

Code of Ethics

The School of Business Administration seeks to promote the highest level of ethical standards among its graduates, students, faculty and administrators. Pursuant to that end, they are expected to follow the norms and standards established by their individual professional and academic organizations in terms of their responsibility toward all stakeholders.  The following code of ethics is, therefore, established as an addition to the standards of each individual’s professional organizations.

Graduates, students, faculty, and administrators of the School of Business Administration should:

  • Be forthright and truthful in dealings with all of the organization’s stakeholders.
  • Serve as a model of ethical decision-making to others, and always set and exemplify the highest standards of ethical behavior.
  • Seek to do no harm, but when they make a mistake, admit it quickly and not try to conceal it.
  • Conduct all activities in good faith.
  • Accept the consequences of their decisions, and take responsibility for individual decisions and actions.
  • Recognize the basic dignity of all by treating others as they would wish to be treated.
  • Fulfill their philanthropic and societal responsibilities to others.