The probation and suspension policy described below went into effect in Fall 1991 and was revised in Spring 2001 and Spring 2006. It applies to all USC Aiken students regardless of the year when they first started attendance at the University. Probation and suspension are based on the institutional GPA, which is calculated using only grades earned at USC Aiken or other USC System campuses. The following chart shows the various levels of grade point hours and GPA’s for both probation and suspension.

IGPA Hours Probation Levels Suspension Levels
0 -14 Below 1.2 IGPA Not applicable
15 - 30 Below 1.4 IGPA Below 1.0 IGPA
31 - 45 Below 1.6 IGPA Below 1.4 IGPA
46 - 89 Below 1.8 IGPA Below 1.6 IGPA
90 - 105 Below 2.0 IGPA Below 1.8 IGPA
106 or more Not applicable Below 2.0 IGPA

Students placed on probation or suspension are notified in writing of their academic standing by the Registrar's office.