Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Bulletin 2004-2005

The University

Undergraduate Admission

Student Life

Fees and Refunds

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Academic Regulations

Academic Programs

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of Communications
Department of English
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy
Department of Sociology
Department of Visual and Performing Arts

College Of Sciences
Ruth Patrick Science Education Center
Department of Biology and Geology
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Department of Psychology
Pre-Professional Programs

School of Business Administration

School of Education
Teacher Certification Program for Degreed Applicants
Undergraduate Programs in Education
Exercise and Sports Science Program

School of Nursing
ADN Program
BSN Programs

Graduate Programs
Master of Education Degree in Educational Technology
Master of Education Degree in Elementary Education
Master of Science Degree in Applied Clinical Psychology

Faculty Listing