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The academic calendar lists all critical dates, including registration and refund deadlines, official University holidays, and exam dates. 

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Withdrawal & Refund Schedule

Parts of Term
10 - Full/Main
1A - MBA & RN to BSN - I
1B - MBA & RN to BSN - II
1C - Palmetto College - I
1D - Palmetto College - II
1E - Educational Technology - I
1F - Educational Technology - II

Academic Calendar (pdf)

The calendar below begins with the next event pertaining to the traditional full semester (part of term 10). This will include the majority of courses scheduled in fall and spring.

For other parts of term (1A, 1B, 1C, etc.), please visit this link for important registration and refund dates. Choose USC Aiken as the campus and then select the term you want to review.