AIT 108


AIT   108


Information   Technology


Student   Email Policy


June   2, 2004

Reviewed on:

April   26, 2010

Issued by:

Director of Client Services

Authorized by:

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology/CIO


 I. Policy

a. Introduction

Electronic mail or "email" is considered an official method for communication to students at the University of South Carolina Aiken because it delivers information in a convenient, timely, and cost effective manner.
To assure all students access to this important form of communication, USCA provides a University email account to each enrolled student.  The primary purpose of these accounts is to ensure a standardized channel for faculty and staff to communicate with students of the University as needed.  Official university communications sent to all students will include reminders of important dates such as deadlines to pay tuition and fees, to withdraw from a course with grade of "W," to apply for graduation, etc...  Students are responsible for reading, in a timely fashion, University-related communications sent to their official student email accounts.

b.  Assignment of Student Email:
The official University email accounts are created and maintained by the Computer Services Division (CSD) and are activated upon a student's acceptance to the University.  Specific student email directions are on-line at   Additional assistance is available at the CSD "helpdesk" located in the Business and Education Building, room 238.  Official email addresses will be published as directory information unless students request otherwise.

c.  Redirecting of Email

Students who redirect (autoforward) messages sent to their official USCA student email address to another address (such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc...) do so at their own risk.  Having email lost as a result of redirection does not absolve the student from responsibilities associated with communication sent to his/her official USCA email address.  The University is not responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors or unofficial servers.   The USCA assigned email address will be the address used by USCA staff/faculty to communicate to students.

d.  Expectations of Student use of Email

Students are expected to read and respond as appropriate to their USCA official email on a frequent and consistent basis.  The University recommends checking email daily.   Since faculty members determine how email is used in their classes, faculty may require students to check their email on a specific basis.  Faculty may also require students to confirm their subscription to University provided class listservs.  For example, messages sent to University-provided class listservs (those established by the faculty member) are considered official communications for all students enrolled in the class designated by the class listserv address.  USCA CSD will not provide support service for personal email accounts such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc, in conjunction with university listservs.

e.  Appropriate Use of Student Email

All use of email will be consistent with other University policies, including the "Acceptable Use of USCA Computer and Network Resources Policy", (USCA Policy AIT 107), which can be found at:

II.  Procedures

The Vice Chancellor for Information technology  and the Campus Technology Committee will review this policy as needed.  Students with questions about the policy should contact the Computer Services Division.


III.  Related Policies


IV.  Reason for Revision

       Annual Review