AIT 103


NUMBER:                  AIT 103     

SECTION:                 Information Technology         

SUBJECT:                 Cellular and Wireless Telephones and Devices                     

DATE:                       August 1, 2005

ISSUED BY:              Vice Chancellor for Information Technology/CIO

It is the policy of the University to provide the equipment, services and other resources necessary for its faculty and staff to discharge their job-related responsibilities properly. Cellular and wireless telephones and devices may be included among these resources. For the purposes of this policy, cellular and wireless telephones and devices are hereinafter referred to as eDevices.

It is the responsibility of the appropriate Senior Administrator (Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellors) to justify the need for an individual under his or her management to have an eDevice. Justification could be based on increases in efficiency, effectiveness, or enhancement of personal employee performance.  Requests for a University provided eDevice will be requested on USCA Form 508 (available online at and will be forwarded through the appropriate, director, unit head or supervisor to their applicable Senior Administrator who will approve/disapprove these requests.  These requests will contain written justification as to why the device is needed and what efficiencies are envisioned by the use of an eDevice.  Approved copies of USCA Form 508 will be forwarded to Campus Support Services and will be maintained on file by Campus Support Services.

The University discourages use of agency eDevices for personal use. However, if circumstances should require an individual who is assigned an eDevice to use the eDevice for personal use, then that portion of the cost of the personal eDevice air time that causes the service bill to exceed the allotted monthly air time should be reimbursed to the University. As such, it is the responsibility of the appropriate Senior Administrator to monitor eDevice usage to ensure that abuse does not occur. The use of University-owned eDevices by faculty or staff may be revoked if there is evidence of abuse or misuse.

Purchases of eDevices will be coordinated through Campus Support Services and these eDevices, regardless of the source of funds, are the property of the University. eDevices, accessories, and equipment must be accounted for as required by state law, and are to be turned in to the department when an employee transfers or terminates. When an eDevice is replaced, the old eDevice must be turned in to Campus Support Services.

If an eDevice is lost or stolen, a police report must be filed to account for the loss of state property. If an eDevice is damaged or lost, the appropriate Senior Administrator, at his or her discretion, may require the employee to pay for a replacement eDevice.

Calls or other communications on University eDevices should be kept brief to ensure efficient use of University resources. eDevices should be kept secured to prevent unauthorized use. Each area is responsible for the payment of expenses associated with eDevices used by that area.

The use of eDevices while driving on University business is strictly prohibited.

Service plans (coverage and minutes of airtime) should be selected carefully to meet the needs of the respective areas. These plans should be reviewed at least on an annual basis to ensure the need for the level of service obtained is still justified. Areas having large numbers of eDevices may wish to evaluate linking these users together under a single service contract for sharing a set amount of minutes per month.

Complaints regarding eDevices, service, or service contracts, should be filed with Campus Support Services and/or the vendor.

All eDevice service contracts must be established in the name of the University of South Carolina Aiken.  All eDevice service agreements must reflect the billing address of the local area or department paying for the device. In order to maintain full accountability at the user level and to eliminate establishing multiple purchase orders, it is strongly recommended that departments use their Visa Purchasing card to pay monthly bills for eDevices. Records of billing and payment should be maintained as required by University policy and procedure. To assist in budgeting and tracking charges for eDevices, the USC Controller's Office has created a new object code specifically for cellular/wireless usage and a new object code for cellular/wireless equipment and accessories. The new object codes are:

52037 - Cellular/wireless monthly charge

52038 - Cellular/wireless equipment and/or accessories

Personal eDevices may not be placed on state contract.

Service contracts for eDevices may be activated, cancelled, or service shifted to another vendor without cost to the University. Vendors should be notified in writing in advance of such a change. In the event that a personal eDevice must be used for conducting University business, the individual, with proper documentation of the personal air time used, may seek reimbursement.

Usage, monthly access and other charges, as well as appropriateness of service contracts for eDevices , etc., may be reviewed by the USC Department of Internal Audit. This information is available under the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, users are strongly encouraged to use eDevices only for University business and to maintain accurate records.

A listing of cellular/wireless vendors, allowable charges and contracts authorized by the state may be found at the following web site:

University of South Carolina Aiken

Request for Purchase of eDevice (USCA Policy 508)


Date:   ____________________________


From: ____________________________


To:      Campus Support Services


Position Title and Name of Proposed eDevice User: _______________________________


Type of eDevice Requested:___________________________________________________


Requested Vendor/Service Plan: _______________________________________________


Estimated minutes per month eDevice will be used for University business:      _________


Justification/Efficiencies Anticipated:        














Accounting Information:      ___________________________________________

                                                                Department                          Fund                                      Class





_______________________________________ Department Chair/School Head/Director


_______________________________________ Chancellor/Vice Chancellor


_______________________________________ Vice Chancellor for Information Technology (for Blackberry type eDevices only)


USCA Form 508.  August 1, 2005