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Policies and Procedures

Number: AUNIV 107
Section: University Administration
Subject: Strategic Planning Committee
Date: Revised October 18, 2010
Issued by: Chancellor's Office
Authorized by: Chancellor


I.          Policy

A. Purpose

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) will provide a representative voice to the campus in the development and assessment of strategic plans for USC Aiken. The SPC will assess progress on identified areas of activity, make periodic reports to the campus, make refinements in goals/objectives/strategies as necessary, and undertake a major review of goals and planned activities at least once every 5 years.  The work of the SPC is advisory to the Chancellor and to the Campus Budget Committee.

B.  Membership

The SPC will be comprised of members from each of the following categories:

Membership by Position:

                        Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

                        Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Services

                        Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance

                        Chair, Faculty Assembly

                        Chair, Classified Employee Assembly

                        President, Student Government Association

                        Director of Library

                        Representative from University Planning Committee

Appointments by Chancellor:

9 representatives from academic units (*): 

3 each from colleges:

1 each from schools:

(with 3 from this number representing unit heads)

1 from Enrollment Services or Student Life and Service

1 from Alumni Council

1 additional student representative

The following members shall serve as Resource Persons to the Committee (by virtue of their position):

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services

Vice Chancellor for Advancement

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

Assistant Chancellor for Facilities Management

Director of Institutional Effectiveness 

(* Note:  The Chair of the SPC will be appointed by the Chancellor from this group.) 

II.        Operation

  1. All appointments by the Chancellor will serve terms limited to 3 years.  (In the first year of operation under this model, all appointed members will draw straws to determine who will serve for 1 year, 2 years or three years from this initial appointment.)  A member may serve two full terms or one partial and one full term, and must remain off of the committee for at least two years before being nominated again.
  2. The Chair will be appointed by the Chancellor from that group nominated by unit heads, and will serve, by virtue of this appointment, as a member of the Campus Budget Committee.
  3. The committee will meet at least two times per semester except by action of the committee.
  4. In the event that a consensus cannot be reached on priorities or courses of action, reports representative of at least two major viewpoints should be forwarded to the Chancellor for review and action as appropriate.