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ALIB 105

Policies and Procedures

Number: ALIB 105
Section: Library Services
Subject: Library - Theft/Mutilation, Lost Books, Indebtedness
Date: March 18, 2010
Issued by: Director of the Library
Authorized by: Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

 I. Policy

A. Theft/Mutilation of Library Materials 

All library users are subject to state law regarding theft, damage and failure to return borrowed library materials.

Students who are apprehended mutilating or stealing library materials will be dealt with according to established University disciplinary procedures. The penalty varies according to the offense, but the result may be suspension or expulsion from the University.

B. Overdue Fines

Failure to return a library book on time will result in the assessment of certain fines for the delinquency. Fines are assessed as follows:

Three-week books - $.25 per day per book. Maximum of $10.00 per item. Reserve books - $1.00 per day per book with no maximum limit

As a courtesy to borrowers, the Library sends notices of overdue books. However, it is the borrower's responsibility to return the books on time regardless of receipt or non-receipt of notice.

Faculty are not normally assessed fines but are expected to return books promptly when finished or immediately when recalled. Faculty are however, assessed Interlibrary Loan late charges.

C. Failure to Settle Library Accounts

Returning students will not be allowed to register and graduating students may not be allowed to receive their diploma unless library obligations are cleared.

D. Charges for Lost Books 

The minimum charge for a lost book is $43.00 plus a non-refundable service charge of $10.00. Expensive or out-of-print books will cost more. Library books cannot be purchased. Even if a lost book charge has been paid, the book still remains the property of the University. Any person who falsely claims to have lost a book simply to retain possession may be charged with illegally possessing State property.

II. Procedure 

A. Theft/Mutilation of Library Materials:

In the event of suspected theft of library materials the following procedure should be followed

USCA Student

a. Take alleged violator to Circulation Supervisor's office.

b. Contact Campus Security.

c. Ask for violator's name and I.D. card.

d. Inform the violator of the S.C. Law on Library Theft and have them sign a statement that they understand the law and the penalties contained therein.


Violations may be punishable by a minimum fine of $50.00, plus the cost of replacing any defaced material. Such violations may constitute grounds for further disciplinary action which may include suspension, expulsion and/or referral to the civil authorities for appropriate legal action. Violators have the right of appeal to the Associate Chancellor for Student Life as specified in the student handbook.

2. Non-USCA Student

a. High School

1) Take alleged violator to Circulation Supervisor's office.

2) Contact Campus Security.

3) Contact parent or guardian to come to Library.

4) Release alleged violator to custody of parent or guardian.

b. Other Users

1) Take alleged violator to Circulation Supervisor's office.

2) Prohibit violator from using Library again.

Sections 16-13-330, 16-13-331, 16-13-332, 16-13-340,16-13-350, 16-13-360, 16-13-370 of

the Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976 reinforce such policy.

B. Lost Books

The loss of a book should be reported promptly to the Library in order to stop the accrual of overdue fines 

If a book is found within one year, upon presentation of the receipt, a refund may be made minus the service charge and any fines owed.

C. Indebtedness

If a student's library indebtedness is not paid, the indebtedness will be transferred to the Business Services Office for collection.