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ALIB 103

Policies and Procedures


ALIB   103


Library   Services


Food   and Drink Policy


July   2006

Reviewed on:


Issued by:

Director of the Library

Authorized by:

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

I.  Policy

The Gregg-Graniteville Library is a newly renovated facility which will provide a safe, quiet, and comfortable place to study, do research, use computers, or socialize. To minimize the risk of damage to materials, furnishings and equipment, food and drinks are only permitted in the library under limited conditions. Beverages in covered containers and small items of packaged food may be taken to study areas. Food and drinks are welcome in the newspaper lounge area at all times. A Vending machine dispensing sodas and water is located there.

To summarize:


    • Drinks in covered containers or bottles
    • Snacks from vending machines or other small packaged items

Not allowed

    • Drinks in open cups
    • Greasy, smelly, or messy foods (fast food, pizza, sandwiches, etc.)

We appreciate the assistance of the campus community in helping to keep the library clean.

II.  Procedure

III.  Related Policies

IV.  Reason for Revision

       Annual Review

Approved by 
JHT 7/06 
SO 8/06 
MG 8/06