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Gregg-Graniteville Library – General


March 16, 2010

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Director of the Library

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Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs



   I. Policy

USCA has established the Gregg-Graniteville Library for the use of students, faculty, administration and staff.

a. Users 

Any person requiring access to an academic library collection may use materials within the Library. Borrowing privileges are limited primarily to holders of a current University identification card. By special arrangement, loan privileges are also extended to current paid members of the USCA and USC Alumni Associations, Aiken Technical College faculty, staff and students, family (age 16 and above) of USCA faculty and staff, employees of the Avondale Company, public school teachers in the USCA service area, USCA Scholars, VIP card holders, and other individuals designated by the Chancellor. Community patrons may receive loan privileges for a period of six months upon payment of a $15.00 fee.

b. Circulation of Library Materials

Books and records generally circulate for a four-week period and are due by the last date indicated on the date-due card.

Faculty and staff may keep books up to the annual inventory recall date in the spring subject to immediate recall after a four-week period if requested by another patron. Faculty and staff may borrow reference books and periodicals for a limited period of one week.

Circulation files are considered confidential by S.C. law and library staff are restricted by law from revealing the name of the person to whom an item is checked out.

c. Reserve Books

Faculty may place required reading items on closed reserve for use in the building or restricted circulation.

d. Book and Periodical Orders

Book and periodical orders come primarily from faculty and library staff. However, students and University employees may suggest book and periodical purchases to any Library faculty member who will consider placing an order for the title.

The final decision to purchase any library materials rests with the Library. Allocations are library funds.

e. Exhibits 

The Library welcomes the use of its display case by USCA faculty and staff.

The scheduling and approval of all displays is a group effort and interested parties should contact the Director's Office.

The Library is not responsible for the theft or defacement of personally owned display materials.

II. Procedure

a. Circulation

Borrowers must present a current University I.D. or Loan Privilege Card to check out library materials.  Borrowers from other academic institutions in the State are eligible through PASCAL and may check-out items with a valid university i.d.

Books may be renewed if a hold has not been placed on the book for another patron. Renewals must be made in person at the Circulation Desk.

Faculty and staff must return all books during the spring faculty/staff recall. Those books which are still needed may be renewed at that time.

b. Reserves

Faculty requests for materials to be placed on reserve should be presented at the Circulation Desk.

Reserve forms are available at the Circulation Desk and on the library home page at

Requests for materials to be placed on reserve should be submitted to the Library at least one week prior to class assignments requiring the items.

Restrictions on type and number of items placed on reserve may be imposed in order to conform to the current copyright law.

c. Submitting Book Orders

The Library's materials budget is allocated for the purchase of books and periodicals to develop and strengthen the total library collection.

d. Book and Periodical Allocation

i. Each academic discipline receives a portion of the annual materials budget according to the library allocation formula.

ii. Each area appoints a library representative who is responsible for supervising the expenditure of the discipline's allocation. All requests must be submitted to the Library Collections Department of the Library.

iii. Standing Orders

The Library has established standing orders with various publishers in order to receive materials automatically. Details may be secured from the Library Collections Coordinator. 

e. Suggestions/Complaints

Faculty, students and staff who have suggestions or encounter problems with library policies or procedures should first discuss the problem with the Director of the Library or the person in charge of the particular operation. If the discussion is not satisfactory, the procedure may be followed as necessary through the office of the Director or ultimately to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.