Front Entrance of UofSC Aiken


Policies and Procedures

Number: ALESA 103
Section: Law Enforcement & Public Safety
Subject: Emergency Procedures/Safety
Date: April 28, 2010
Issued by: Director of Housing
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Services

The University of South Carolina Aiken has maintained an excellent safety record and strives to develop and maintain a safe working environment for its employees. Most accidents are avoidable and sound safety practices are encouraged. If an unsafe condition exists, report it to your supervisor immediately.

The following procedures are required for the incidents below.


  • Report the injury to USCA Police immediately (ext.6111 or off campus number 803-648-4011).
  • Report the injury to your supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Public Safety personnel are First Responder trained and carry with them advanced first aid equipment. USCA First Aid Kits are maintained in the following locations:

Administration Building

Switchboard - Room 207

Admissions Office Room 101


Circulation Desk

Student Activities Center

Bookstore stock room

Student Life Office


Etherredge Center

Room 101

Backstage - Performing Arts Shop

Science Building

Rooms 105, 201, 215, 316, 317

Humanities and Social Sciences

Room 101, 204

Ruth Patrick Science Center


Alumni House

Reception Desk

USCA Public Safety

Patrol Car, Office

Pacer Downs

Swimming Pool Area

Pacer Commons

Shop Area

Convocation Center

Athletics office



  • Upon discovery of fire or smell of smoke, pull alarm station.
  • Call USCA Police immediately (ext.6111 or off campus 803-648-4011) and give the following information: 
Name of person calling
Location of fire
Nature and extent of fire.

  • USCA Police will notify Aiken Public Safety by radio upon confirmation of the situation except when fire at Convocation Center USCA Police officer will call out the Grantville Volunteer Fire Department.
  • USCA Police personnel will notify the proper USCA personnel of the situation once confirmed.
  • During any confirmed fire or fire alarm, handicapped persons will have one person designated to them by the instructor or supervisor, to assist them in evacuating the building.


 Notify USCA Police (ext. 6111 or off campus 803-648-4011) and give the following information:

  • Name of person calling
  • Location of incident or disaster
  • Nature of the criminal act or impending disaster

 USCA Police will notify the proper emergency agencies (if needed), and the appropriate University personnel.


 In case of accident or illness requiring emergency actions, notify USCA Police (ext. 6111 or off campus 803-648-4011). University Police will make notification to the proper emergency agency(s) to respond accordingly to the emergency.

 In addition, first aid kits are located throughout campus. (See Section A of this policy for locations.)

 All office telephones have access to outside lines and are labeled with emergency numbers. All "yellow" emergency call boxes and "blue light" strobe towers located throughout campus and will contact University Police directly by simply pressing the emergency button. "Yellow" emergency call boxes and "Blue Light" strobe towers are located in the following areas:


Penland Parking Lot B Side

Strobe Tower Parking Lot B

H&SS Building

Science Quad Side Steps

Science Parking Lot D Side

Etherredge Center Quad Side

Etherredge Parking Lot C Side

B&E Quad Side

B&E Parking Lot C Side

B&E Wellness Center Door

Operations Mailroom Side

Strobe Tower Parking Lot C

Ruth Patrick

Nataorium SAC

SAC Parking Lot A Side

Senior Net




Pacer Downs Pool

University Police Front

Soccer Field

Strobe Tower Pacer Downs to Pacer Commons

Strobe Tower East End Pacer Commons Parking Lot

Strobe Tower West End Pacer Commons Parking Lot

Pacer commons Back Entrance Card Access

Strobe Tower Pacer Commons Front Parking Lot

Pacer Commons Lobby

Strobe Tower Pacer crossings Parking Lot Entrance

Pacer Crossings Lobby

Strobe Tower Pacer crossings Parking Lot South End

Strobe Tower Pacer Crossings Parking Lot North End

Currently Susan Glenn

Baseball Field Concessions

Convocation Front Left Side

Convocation Rear Left Side

Convocation Front Right Side

Convocation Rear Right Side

Strobe Tower Convocation Left Front Parking Lot

Strobe Tower Convocation Left Rear Parking Lot

Strobe Tower Convocation Left Front Parking Lot

Strobe Tower Convocation Left Rear Parking Lot

Convocation Center Loading Dock



Electricity is very useful, but can be dangerous. Circuits are tripped when equipment being used is pulling more amperes than the circuit is designed to supply. As a result, the circuit attempts to meet this additional requirement, causing it to overheat and trip the breaker. When the breaker has reached that point, there is a possibility of a person getting an electrical shock or a fire starting.

To prevent circuits in the Student Activities Center from becoming overloaded, the maintenance department has put colored tape on the top of the outlet plate to color-code each outlet by its circuit. Each circuit (or color) will supply a maximum of twenty (20) amperes. The number of amperes a machine requires is on a metal plate attached to that machine. By adding the amperes being used on additional equipment, the number of circuits required can be determined.


F) Reporting Failure of Physical Plant Equipment After Hours (other than normal business hours)

Normal operating hours is defined as 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Classes and special events occurring after normal business hours may have emergencies during those times, such as lighting, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and telephones. In the event that an emergency occurs in the operation of those hours, the following actions are to be taken:

Notify USCA Police (ext. 6111 or from off campus 803-648-4011) or activating the Emergency Telephones and advise them of the problem. If Police advises you that they will be responding, please stay at that location until the officer(s) arrive.

USCA Police will make notification to the proper University personnel.
In the event of power failure, all areas affected are to be evacuated immediately. Be advised that all buildings have emergency lighting systems, but provide limited lighting for a short period.