Front Entrance of UofSC Aiken


Policies and Procedures

Number: ALESA 101
Subject: University Police - General Shift Responsibilities
Section: Law Enforcement & Public Safety
Date: May 1, 2010
Issued by: Director of Housing
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Services

General responsibilities for on-duty University Police Officers include:

1. Random patrols of the campus and buildings

  1. carry radio telephone in order to answer calls dialed directly to University Police.
  2. identify and report any potential safety hazards and maintentance problems
  3. test emergency access phones on a weekly basis; report problems to CSD.
  4. walk through Library, Student Activities Center, Convocation Centers and Science building 2-3 times nightly (Evening Shift).
  5. secure buildings after scheduled activities are completed or when specified by appropriate faculty or staff personnel.
  6. carry University Police cell phone.
  7. run a silent test of the emergency notification system at the beginning of shift.

2. Regular patrols of all parking lots 

  1. issue warnings where needed
  2. issue parking tickets where needed
  3. boot or tow vehicles per USCA Parking Policy

3. Provide limited vehicular assistance with discretion

4. Investigate all suspicious activity

  1. exercise arrest powers when necessary
  2. initiate Disciplinary Action when appropriate thru on-line form

5. Provide requested assistance to faculty, staff, and students

  1. unlocking building/ office doors, escorts, etc.
  2. allow after- hours access in compliance with USCA After Hours Policy
    1. USC Aiken students, faculty, and staff ONLY
    2. students must present VALID student identification
    3. restricted areas may be accessible with prior written authorization from faculty/staff and/or using card swipe system

6. Review Campus Calendar in order to be aware of campus activities

7. Assist in parking and crowd control for large planned events

8. Complete all reports as deemed necessary

9. Advise Chief of Police or designee of any adverse weather conditions that may develop during the night by 5:00 am (i.e. snow, sleet, ice, etc.) in order that decisions concerning the operations of the University can be made prior to scheduled opening.