Front Entrance of UofSC Aiken


Policies and Procedures

Number: ALESA 100
Subject: University Police- Standard Operating Procedures
Section: Law Enforcement & Public Safety
Date: May 27, 2010
Issued by: Director of Housing
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Services


    1. Patrolling: University Police are responsible for patrolling the buildings and grounds of the USC Aiken campus. Of particular concern are the safety of members of the campus community, the prevention of fires, the detection of water and gas leaks, and the prevention of thefts.
    2. Entry into Offices: It is USC Aiken's policy not to authorize entry into faculty and staff offices and administrative spaces during those periods when the assigned faculty or staff members do not occupy the offices. Other persons will be allowed to enter only in the cases of emergency, maintenance or housekeeping needs, and/or safety and energy inspections. If a faculty or staff member wants another person to gain access to his or her office, the University Police Office must receive written authorization from the faculty or staff member to allow access to that person. When not occupied, faculty and staff offices should be locked and must be locked at the close of business. (Refer to USC Aiken Policy #214)
    3. Challenges: During normal working hours (defined as 8:00am until 5:00pm Monday through Friday), challenges are issued only for suspicion in connection with observed or reported actions which would warrant further investigation. From 5:00pm until 10:00pm Monday through Friday, the same challenge instructions apply. From 10:00pm until 8:00am and on weekends and holidays, officers will generally challenge any individual(s) not recognized or who has not been granted card access to that building. Individuals stopped by challenge will be asked to furnish valid ID's and state their purpose for being on campus. Those with legitimate university business will be allowed to continue in their pursuits. Others will be requested to leave the campus in accordance with State Law 16-11-620 or 16-11-630 At all times, when an officer observes suspicious activities, equipment being removed, or materials being concealed, he or she will normally challenge the individual.  USC Aiken policy does not allow University equipment or supplies to be removed from the campus without prior written authorization from the department head.  A copy of this authorization will be filed with the University Police Office prior to such removal.  Telephone information will be accepted in emergency situations.
    4. Motor Vehicle Regulations: University Police are responsible for enforcing those parts of the Motor Vehicle Regulations which are applicable; i.e. parking rules and regulations, SC Title 56 traffic laws, etc.
    5. After Hours Events: University Police are to be advised in writing whenever an event is scheduled after 5pm on weekdays or on weekends. Additional personnel may be required when one or more of the following is expected to occur:

      a. the event is open to the public and/or more than 50 persons are expected to attend
      b. alcoholic beverages are being served
      c. a building or room is being used that would normally be closed.

      The Chief of Police, in conjunction with senior administration, will make the final decision as to whether extra officers will be needed. 

      Sponsors of events are responsible for reimbursement to USC Aiken for the additional cost of officers. A request for additional officers must be submitted in writing to the Chief of Police at least two weeks in advance of the date of the event. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in additional charges. Failure to provide notice of cancellation may result in the requesting party still being charged.

    6. Adverse Weather: The on-duty police officer will notify the Chief of Police in the event of any adverse weather conditions. The chief of Police or his designee is responsible for notifying the Chancellor or designee of unusual weather conditions which could affect operations on the campus. Notification should be made as the conditions warrant. University Police are expected to assume normal working hours and security functions during adverse weather situations.
    7. Notification in Event of Emergency: The University Police Shift Supervisor/Officer on Duty is responsible for notifying the Chief of Police, the Director of Housing and University Police and the Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Services as soon as possible after he/she has been notified that one or more of the following has been reported or occurred on the USC Aiken campus:

      a. Criminal Sexual Conduct
      b. Homicide or other death
      c. Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature
      d. Major explosion, fire, traffic accident, bomb threat, suicide attempt, or any other crime/abnormal event that the officer deems warrants this notification

    8. Familiarity with Policies and Procedures: A copy of USC Aiken University Police Policies and Procedures must be available at all times to each police officer on campus. Officers are expected to be familiar with and to follow these policies and procedures.