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AIT 105

Policies and Procedures

Number: AIT 105
Section: Information Technology
Subject: Access to Computer Labs/Classrooms
Date: December 1, 2009
Revised: October 25, 2012
Issued by: Vice Chancellor for Information Technology/CIO
Authorized by: Director of Client Services


This policy addresses access to USCA computer labs, who has access to computer labs and how computer labs are accessed and what actions should be taken if patrons violate the specified policy and procedures.

This policy covers only CSD managed computer labs 238A and 236A located in the Business and Education Building. For policies and procedures for all other computer labs, please contact the department responsible for management of the individual lab.

A. Definitions

1. CSD is an acronym for Computer Services Division.

2. In this document student computer areas refer to any computer lab or classroom where students congregate.

3. In this document patron refers to any lab user current and valid USCA ID card.


A. Patron Access

1. Only those with current, valid ID cards issued by the University of South Carolina Aiken (USCA) are allowed in the computer labs.

2. No family members (including: spouses, children, parents, etc.), boyfriends, girlfriends or friends are allowed in the computer labs unless they also hold a current, valid ID card issued by USCA.

3. Anyone found allowing access to a computer lab to an unauthorized individual will be subject to disciplinary actions.

4. Special consideration may be granted by the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology. Please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

B. Availability of Computer Labs

1. CSD's Main Computer Lab (B&E 238A) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all patrons. B&E 236A is open to patrons during normal campus business hours only.

2. When a computer lab is reserved, it is not available for general patron use.

3. A computer lab may be closed for extended periods by CSD for maintenance, to support special event, or to consolidate resources during low usage periods.

C. Computer Lab Admittance

1. During normal campus business hours, the labs are open and accessible. After-hours and when the campus is closed, patrons may use their current, valid USCA ID card to access the Main Computer Lab (B&E 238A), by using the card swipe located at the front door of the Main Computer Lab (B&E 238). Anyone found in a computer lab without a current, valid USCA ID Card will be asked to leave and is subject to disciplinary actions.

D. Propping Open Locked Doors

1. Locked building and computer lab doors should never be propped open. This is for the safety of patrons, as well as the security of equipment. Anyone found propping open the doors to computer labs will be subject to disciplinary actions.

E. Disciplinary Actions

1. Students found in violation of this policy will be subject to the following punitive actions.

a. First Offense - A CSD staff member will explain this policy to the student, have the individual sign a Warning Acknowledgment Statement and warn the student that the next violation will result in denial of access.

b. Second Offense - The student will be denied after-hours access to the labs until the first day of the next semester.

c. Third Offense - If this is a third violation or the student is found in the labs after-hours during a period of restriction, and for all serious infractions, after-hour privileges will be lost until further notice and the student will be referred for additional action through the USCA Student Judicial System.

2. All CSD actions may be appealed to the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology.