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AENR 111

Policies and Procedures

Number: AERN 111
Section: Enrollment Services
Subject: Withdrawal of Students Called to Active Military Duty
Date: December 11, 2011
Issued by: Registrar
Authorized by: Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services

 This policy addresses situations in which currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students in the National Guard or Armed Forces Reserves are placed on active duty by order of the President of the United States or by the Governor of their state during a national or state emergency.  This policy also applies to active duty military personnel, reassigned during a time of national emergency, as declared by the President of the United States.  For purposes of this policy the Chancellor of the University may also invoke the provisions of this policy.

 Students serving in the National Guard or Reserves who are called to active military duty or active duty military personnel who are reassigned during a time of national emergency during an academic term are provided a full withdrawal from the University without academic or financial penalty (grade of "W," 100% refund), or the option of taking grades of Incomplete.  USCA will suspend the normal policy of converting grades of Incomplete to grades of "F" after twelve months.  This policy will apply only to courses in which the student is enrolled at the time that he/she must report for active duty.



All students requesting special consideration regarding their call to active duty must provide full written verification through the submission of their orders or alert notice.  This notice must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in Room 109/Penland Bldg.   Mailed or faxed notices will also be accepted. 

 Students whose intent is to withdraw, will have the grade of "W" assigned regardless of the date in the semester.  The Registrar will notify the student's faculty that grades of "W" have been assigned. 


Housing and Food Services will be notified in the event a portion of the housing and meal plan fees can be refunded.  The Business Service Office will process a 100% refund of tuition, technology fees, lab fees, parking/security fees, and any other fees other than housing and meals to the student.  The matriculation fee is not refunded.  Refunds will be processed according to the number of classes involved in a partial withdrawal in the event the student elects a partial withdrawal.  Refunds may be applied to other financial assistance awarded in accordance with Title IV and other University refund procedures.


A student whose deployment occurs at a the end of a semester which is when Incomplete Grade Contracts are typically deemed appropriate may opt for grades of "I,"  in which case the student, professor, and unit head must all sign a contract for each class involved.  The normal policy of converting grades of Incomplete to grades of "F" after twelve months is suspended for students in this category.  The student may complete the work up to twelve months after release from active duty or return from active duty assignment.

  Students may opt between a complete withdrawal, the Incomplete Grade option if appropriate at the date of deployment, or a combination of these options. 


If an undergraduate student fully withdraws and remains absent for more than one major semester (16 weeks), the student must apply for readmission with a waiver of any application fee and will be given every consideration for readmission, advisement, and priority registration.

 Graduate students who have been called to active military duty or reassignment of duty and do not return within four terms following their withdrawal semester should contact their academic unit regarding specific procedures for completing their graduate degree program.  All time requirements related to completion of both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements will be suspended for the period equal to the time spent on active duty, reassignment, and/or medical rehabilitation directly related to that military service.

 Students who present unique problems not covered by this policy should contact the Office of the Registrar in Room 109/Penland Bldg.