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AENR 100

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AENR 100


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Identification Cards


November 1, 2009

Issued by:

Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Authorized by:

Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

I. Policy

All University of South Carolina Aiken students, faculty, and staff are required to obtain and maintain a University-issued photo identification card. The university issued ID the official University ID card and is not transferable to another person and must be returned upon request.

a. Oversight

1. The University ID card is issued to USC Aiken faculty, staff and students through the USC Aiken Records Office.

2. There is no charge for the initial card. Lost or damaged cards are replaced at a rate approved by the University Board of Trustees. Replacement charges may be waived for fading or aged cards or cards damaged for reasons beyond the control of the cardholder or at the discretion of individual processing the replacement.

3. The USC Aiken ID card and its accounts and all forms, records, and transcripts of its use are the property of the University.

4. Cardholders are expected to protect the card and abide by all terms and conditions associated with the card from the Cardholder Agreement and other campus policies and procedures

b. Cardholder Identification

1. Initial cards are issued based upon confirmation of identification through government issued documents such as drivers license, passport military ID or verification of personal identification information as noted in the University data base (Last four digits of SSN, permanent address, date of birth, enrolled courses and the like)

2. Cardholders are required to required to sign the Cardholder Agreement

II. Procedures

Upon providing designated identification, the Records Office takes the photograph and produces the Identification Card.

III. Related Policies and Publications

Cardholder Agreement

IV. Reason for Revision

 To reflect update in procedures