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ACEA 101

Policies and Procedures

NUMBER:            ACEA 101

SECTION:           Classified Employees Assembly

SUBJECT:           Classified Employee Enrichment Fund

DATE:                  March 1,2010

Authorized by:     CEA Executive Committee

Issued by:            CEA Executive Committee

I.          Policy

The Aiken Partnership of the University of South Carolina Aiken allocates money for Classified Employees Enrichment. The Classified Employees Association Executive Committee and the Aiken Partnership Board agree that the requests for the funds will be competitive and will be judged on merit. The maximum amount of each award will be decided upon on an individual basis each year, depending upon the amount of money raised or allocated for this purpose. The funds will be equally divided between Fall and Spring semesters. The Classified Employees Executive Committee is made up of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Recorded and Nominating Chairperson of the Classified Employees Association. The Assistant Chancellor for Development will serve as an ex-officio member of the Classified Employees Enrichment Fund Committee.

B.  Guidelines

l. Applications will be accepted from permanent classified employees contributing to the annual Family Fund.

2. Applications for reimbursement through the Classified Employees Enrichment Fund will be classified under three headings:

(a) Travel to professional meetings

(b) Seminars and workshops fees

(c) Tuition and book reimbursement for undergraduate and graduate courses at USCA and other area institutions of higher learning limit one course per academic year and a passing grade in the course must be attained). 

3.  Applications for the Classified Employee Enrichment Fund should be submitted to the Chairman of the Classified Employees Association Executive Committee at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated travel, seminar or workshop or at the completion of a undergraduate or graduate course.

II.        Procedure

A.        Application Process

          Application for the Classified Employee Enrichment Fund should include:

1. A memo addressed to the Classified Employees Association Executive Committee of no more than two pages in length. The memo should provide the committee with all pertinent information as well as a statement regarding how the professional meeting, workshop, seminar or course will benefit the applicant's job performance.

2. Copies of other support documents such as brochures announcing seminars or courses of study or letters of invitation to speak at a professional meeting.

3. Receipts for the expenses of travel, workshops, seminars, or courses. In the case of professional meeting travel, a copy of the Travel Authorization Form (TA) should be submitted with the application. The original TA should be processed according to existing procedures prior to the time of travel.

B. Disbursement of Funds

1.The applicant will be notified in writing of the committee's decision after the names of recipients have been considered and approved.

2. The Classified Employees Enrichment Fund will be disbursed by the USCA Development office after the approval of the request. After receiving written notification of the request's approval, the applicant should submit a copy of their receipts and/or TA for the total amount of his/her costs to the Administrative Assistant in the Development office. Checks from the Aiken Partnership will be made out to each recipient and will be distributed by the Development office.