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Policies and Procedures

Number: ABUSF 118
Section: Business and Finance
Subject: Meal Expenses for Search Committees
Date: August 25, 2010 (rev) April 22, 2013
Issued by: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance/CFO
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance/CFO

In accordance with USC System Policy BUSF 7.05, appropriated funds (A funds)  may be used for reimbursement of meal expenses associated with a staff search conducted by a formal committee and for any full-time faculty search.  The following procedures apply:

  • 1) A maximum of 3 faculty and/or staff may be reimbursed along with the search candidate. For faculty searches, one committee member plus candidate will be the norm for breakfast and two committee members plus the candidate for lunch and dinner.
  • 2) A maximum of $40.00 per person (dinner) or $20.00 (breakfast) and $20.00 (lunch) will be reimbursed. This maximum pertains in all cases whether all A funds are used or a combination of A and R are used.
  • 3) No alcohol should be included in meals. (Exceptions may be granted, but only if designated/private funds (never A funds) are identified and approval is sought from the Chancellor or appropriate Vice Chancellor prior to the time candidates are brought to campus.)
  • 4) A maximum 20% server gratuity may be reimbursed with the suggested gratuity for prompt service being 15%.
  • 5) An itemized meal receipt must be provided for each reimbursement.
  • 6) A copy of the permission to search must accompany each request for reimbursement-(Form A1 for faculty and memo for staff positions). This permission must be signed by all the appropriate persons.
  • 7) The reimbursement may be requested in one of two manners:

     a) For reimbursements over $50.00, a Purchase Requisition approved by the department head and accompanied by an itemized receipt (# 4) and a copy of the permission to search (#5) should be submitted to Campus Support Services for a check reimbursement.

     b) For reimbursements up to $50.00, a Petty Cash Voucher with the same guidelines as 6.a. may be submitted for cash reimbursement in the Business Services Office