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Faculty Salaries Paid from Grant Accounts


March 1, 2010

Issued by:

Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration

Authorized by:

Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration

I.          Policy

Certain sponsored projects will require faculty members to work on the project as part of their regular academic load. When sufficient funds are available from the sponsoring agency, the budget proposal should be submitted at the full cost for the proportion of the faculty member's salary and fringe benefits for the time period.

II.        Procedure

a. Upon notification of an award, the faculty member should work with the department chairperson to determine coverage for any courses which are released due to the grant award.

b. The grant principle investigator or department chairperson should notify the Grants Accountant of the number of courses released by the grant for each semester and the cost of the replacement faculty for those courses.

c. The Grants Accountant will complete the necessary HR documents to charge the correct proportion of the faculty member's salary to the grant and credit the departmental account. The Grants Accountant will have the necessary budget changes completed for the departmental account.

d. In all cases where release time is given, the department will be charged for the costs of covering the released courses. The cost will be charged at a minimum rate of $2,000 plus fringes for each 3 hour course release or the actual cost of the replacement faculty, which ever is greater.

e. The A fund salary differential, if any, which remains after paying for the replacement faculty will be allocated to the department to spend as they choose. These funds must be spent prior to June 30 of each fiscal year, and do not carry forward into the next year.

III.  Related Policies

IV. Reason for Revision

Currently under annual review.