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2020-2021 Academic Calendar

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

UofSC Aiken will return to face-to-face instruction for this fall starting August 20.

The academic calendar will be altered slightly:

  • no fall break
  • students will not return to campus after the Thanksgiving break
  • Election Day will be a virtual instruction day
  • the final three days of class and final exams will be conducted remotely.

Highlights of the fall term:

  • August 20: First day of face-to-face classes
  • September 7: Labor Day (holiday – no classes)
  • November 24: Last Day of face-to-face classes
  • November 25 – November 29: Thanksgiving Break
  • November 30 – December 2:  Remote Instruction
  • December 7-11:  Remote Finals          

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Each semester we offer an excellent education delivered in a variety of methods: small-sized classes for traditional face-to-face instruction; purposeful well-designed online courses; and a hybrid approach that combines both face-to-face and online delivery. These options will continue in Fall 2020, and department chairs and deans are working through the details of which courses should be delivered as originally scheduled and which should switch to online or hybrid delivery. Through this process we will seek to give faculty, staff, and students the flexibility needed to match personal circumstances (especially those in a high-risk health category).

These careful decisions were made with insightful input from healthcare professionals, city and county officials, faculty, staff and students. Our plans for a heightened level of hygiene and our calendar for the fall semester are informed by science, focused on community health, and with your continued wellness in mind.

With several new safety measures in place, we will continue to provide a quality education and an engaging experience to help our students secure their dreams and a fulfilling future, and to give them options as they return for the 2020 Fall Semester.

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