The quad in front of H&SS

Recently Completed Projects

Department of Operations

  • Pacer Commons Flooring
    Pacer Commons Flooring
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
    Humanities & Social Sciences
  • B&E 2nd Floor
    B&E 2nd Floor
  • B and E Wellness Center
    B and E Wellness Center
  • Lecture Hall Renovations
    Lecture Hall Renovations
  • Library Chiller Replacement
    Library Chiller Replacement

Ongoing Projects

  • Pacer Commons Flooring Renovations to additional 2 floors
  • H&SS HVAC Renovations are ongoing
  • Business & Education Renovations
  • Gymnasium – Repurpose the old gym to include office space and various campus resource options.
  • Wellness Center – All Purpose workout area and improved restrooms
    • Penland and Science Building floor renovations
    • Lecture Hall Renovations complete