The quad in front of H&SS

Recently Completed Projects

Department of Operations

  • Penland Courtyard
    Penland Courtyard
  • Pacer Commons New Roof
    Pacer Commons New Roof
  • Golf Facility Upgrades
    Golf Facility Upgrades
  • New Maintenance Building
    New Maintenance Building
  • Library Expansion Project
    Library Expansion Project
  • B&E Gym Renovation
    B&E Gym Renovation
  • Lecture Hall Renovation
    Lecture Hall Renovation
  • USC Aiken Pacers Softball Field
    USC Aiken Pacers Softball Field
  1. Penland Courtyard: Faculty and Students find a respite in a busy building
  2. Golf Facility Upgrades: Featured Partnership with First Tee of Aiken and USCA
  3. Pacer Commons New Roof: New Roof providing lasting overhead cover for Improved Student Living
  4. New Maintenance Building: Providing a centralized location for USCA Facilities and Auxiliary Operations

Coming Soon

  1. Library Renovation: Renovation of the library to encompass a Student Achievement Center to support student academics.
  2. Business & Education Gym Renovation – Repurpose an old gym to include office space for the Chancellor and Provost offices; Provide Human Resources, Budget Office, Center for Online Learning, and a Teaching Enrichment Center. The project is scheduled to be completed by September 2023.
  3. Softball Field- Construction is expect to start in the summer of 2023..
  4. Lecture Hall Renovations: Improve furniture and finished in all large classrooms in various buildings beginning Summer 2023.