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Procedures for Use of University Vehicles

Department of Operations

Requesting a University Vehicle

    • To request the use of a university vehicle, a USCA Vehicle Reservation Request must first be completed. Those forms are available through the Department of Operations or at the link provided above.
    • ALL vehicle reservation requests must be approved and on file in the Department of Operations prior to actual travel (2 weeks prior when possible).
  • Reservation times must be strictly adhered to. Please notify the Department of Operations Office immediately if you have a cancellation. Our requests for vehicles outnumber the vehicles we currently have.

Picking up the University Vehicle

    • All university vehicles are located at the Maintenance and Supply building, and keys to all vehicles can be picked up in the Department of Operations Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Proof of insurance, roadside assistance membership card, and vehicle registration are provided in a packet located on the visor of the vehicle. This information should not be removed from the vehicle!

Returning the University Vehicle

    • Vehicles must be returned to the campus automotive compound after use and in accordance with the dates and times specified on your vehicle reservation request. Advanced approval is required with the Department of Operations to change departure/return times.
    • Please return the keys to the Department of Operations. Do not leave keys in the vehicles when returning them.
    • Vehicle Information Packets should be left in the vehicle upon return.
  • If returning a vehicle after hours, use the emergency phone at the front door of Supply & Maintenance building to call security for assistance or use the key drop box located at the back door of the building.