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Procedures for Reporting Accidents

Department of Operations

The importance of accurate and timely reporting of accidents involving state vehicles cannot be overemphasized. Such reporting not only may serve to protect the State from unwarranted liability claims, but also enables agency management to detect cause early enough to correct the problem before it can reoccur.

Whenever a state-owned or operated vehicle is involved in a reportable accident which results in death, personal injury, or property damage, regardless of who has hurt, injured, or what property was damaged or who was responsible, the following actions should be taken:

    1. Turn vehicle ignition off and evacuate vehicle.
    1. Call for medical assistance or ambulance if necessary.
    1. Render first aid to any injured persons as you feel comfortable until trained personnel arrive on the scene. First Aid kits and flashlights are provided in all vehicles. For cars, kits and flashlights are located in the trunk. For vans, kits and flashlights are located in the back of the van.
    1. For accidents occurring on campus, call USCA Public Safety at 6111 or 648-4011. For accidents occurring off-campus call 911.
    1. Report accident to the Department of Operations at (803) 641-3452 during normal business hours. If after hours, then report accident to USCA Public Safety at (803) 641-6011.
    1. Give other driver your name and USCA address.
    1. Complete the South Carolina’s Vehicle Operator Accident Report form provided in the Vehicle Information Packet and return it to the Department of Operations as soon as possible.
    1. If the university vehicle is not operable after the accident, contact the Operations department because decisions concerning the repair of the vehicle will be made by the Operations department during business hours. After business hours, then refer to the procedures outlined in the Roadside Assistance Program.
  1. Expenses for major repairs of University vehicles will not be covered by the Roadside Assistance Program and should be put on the Wright Express credit card provided in each vehicle; however, the limit on the Wright Express credit card is $250. For expenses exceeding $250, contact the Operations Department during normal business hours or USCA Public Safety after normal business hours. The Operations department will make all decisions concerning university vehicles. Please be patient and wait for a decision from the Operations department. For after hours, Public Safety will be given instructions from Operations as to the decision concerning the vehicle, or Operations may contact you directly if possible.