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Procedures for Other Problems

Department of Operations

i.e., flat tire, ran out of gas, locked keys, dead battery, stolen car, etc.)

    1. If the event occurs during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5p.m.), call the Department of Operations at (803) 641-3452. If you do not receive an answer, then contact USCA Public Safety and notify them of the problem at (803) 648-4011. Please be aware that a Roadside Assistance Program exists in an effort to assist in these matters, but we ask that you notify the appropriate USCA personnel first.
    1. If the event occurs after normal business hours, call USCA Public Safety and notify them of the problem at (803) 648-4011. Then contact the Roadside Assistance Program that will assist you in any way possible. Please refer to the Roadside Assistance Program. A copy of the program is provided in the Vehicle Information Packet, in the Operations Department, or on the USCA web site.
  1. Expenses for University vehicles not covered by the Roadside Assistance Program should be put on the Wright Express credit card provided in each vehicle, but the limit on the Wright Express credit card is $250. For expenses exceeding $250, contact the Operations Department during normal business hours or USCA Public Safety after normal business hours and await a decision from appropriate USCA personnel.