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Coverage of the Program

What the Roadside Assistance Program Includes:

    • Battery Service - When your vehicle experiences battery failure, we will provide a jump-start. If the vehicle is unable to be started, we will arrange to have it towed to the nearest service facility.
    • Flat Tire Assistance - If your vehicle has an inflated spare tire, it will be installed to replace a flat tire. If your vehicle has two (2) or more flat tires, or you do not have an inflated spare, we will arrange to have it towed to the nearest service facility.
    • Vehicle Fluid Delivery - If your vehicle becomes disabled due to running out of gas or needs other fluids, we will arrange to have them delivered to your location. Does not include the cost of fluids provided.
    • Mechanical Adjustments - Provides for minor adjustments to be made at the disablement site in an attempt to allow the vehicle to operate safely under its own power. If the minor adjustments are unsuccessful, we will arrange to have it towed to the nearest service facility.
    • Lock-Out Service - Provides for service to gain entry into the vehicle when keys are locked inside the vehicle. Does not include the cost to reproduce keys.
    • Extricating/Winching - Provides for the extrication or winching of the vehicle when it can be reached from a normally traveled or established thoroughfare.
    • Towing - When your vehicle is disabled due to a mechanical breakdown or other covered disablement, we will arrange and provide towing of your vehicle to the nearest service facility.
    • VIP Services - These additional benefits are provided in the event of a breakdown or disablement of your vehicle.
    • Travel Assistance - We will arrange to make and/or change airline or car rental reservations.
    • Hotel/Motel Reservations - We will arrange to make and/or change reservations for overnight accommodations.
    • Personal Assistance - Call us to contact friends, relatives and/or business associates we will notify them of your delay or assist you with your safety or any other details related to the breakdown of your vehicle.
    • Tourist Bureau - We will locate and connect you to Tourist Bureaus that can assist you with travel plans or points of interest along your route.
  • ATM Location Assistance - Need cash? We will help you locate the nearest ATM machine to your location

Accident Trip Interruption: Getting into an accident can destroy your travel plans and The Auto Club can help. When your vehicle is involved in an accident that occurs 100 or more miles from home, we will reimburse you up to $1,000.00 for qualified expenses and help get you back on the road. We'll reduce the inconvenience by reimbursing you for lodging and meals as well as transportation to your destination or residence by rental car or commercial carrier (airplane, bus or train).

Accident Repair Services: Now that we've helped you get home, let us assist you by making sure your vehicle is repaired back to its pre-accident condition. In the event of an accident, The Auto Club will work with a network of repair facilities to evaluate the damage and supervise the repair process. We'll also help troubleshoot problems or difficulties with the vehicle or repair facility before, during and after the repairs.

Stolen Vehicle Trip Interruption: Nothing is worse than walking out of a restaurant, mall or hotel to find your vehicle has been stolen. The Auto Club can't prevent the theft of your vehicle but we can help you get home or to your original destination. When your vehicle is stolen 100 or more miles from home, The Auto Club will reimburse you up to $1,000.00 for transportation to your destination or residence by rental car or commercial carrier (airplane, bus or train).

Customized Trip Routing: Traveling for business or pleasure? Contact The Auto Club and we'll provide you with customized maps, points of interest, hotels, and discount coupons for your chosen route. Requesting this service is as easy as signing on to a computer from anywhere in the world. Just log into your Member Benefits section of the website and we'll send out your information.

What the Roadside Assistance Program Excludes:

Coverage does not provide for or include the following.

    • The cost of fluids provided or guarantee specific brands or octane ratings.
    • The cost to reproduce keys.
    • The cost of airfare, rental fees, rental drop-off charges, insurance, fuel, or room rates.
    • Parts, labor or supplies required or requested while the vehicle is at a repair facility.
    • Storage of the vehicle or towing to a subsequent repair facility or alternative location.
    • Rental of towing equipment.
    • Taxes, fines, ambulance or other charges not listed herein.
    • Towing at the direction of law enforcement relating to traffic obstruction, impoundment, abandonment, illegal parking, or other violations of the law.
    • Towing by any person or entity other than a licensed repair facility, or towing company.
    • Installation or removal of snow tires, repairs to studs, mounting and dismounting of snow chains.
  • Damage to the vehicle as the result of rendering services or theft of personal items left in the vehicle. Damage and/or theft claims are the sole responsibility of the independent contractors, which were dispatched to assist with the disablement.