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Math Lab Tutoring

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Penji App LogoHow Does Math Lab Tutoring Work?

We are offering drop-in hours for math tutoring both online and face-to-face. Both require that you sign up with Penji. When you go to book a tutoring session, select “View drop-in tutoring" and then the class you want help with. Then choose “Next,” and you will see the hours available for both online tutoring and face-to-face tutoring. Note that these hours are not all the same.

For face-to-face tutoring: Please log onto Penji when you arrive at the Math Lab in the Gregg-Graniteville Library, and then select “Math Lab – Library.” Then click “Check in now,” and choose the class you want help with. A tutor will be with you as soon as they are available. You must log your tutoring session in on Penji before it begins.

For online tutoring: Please log onto Penji and then select “Zoom Meeting Online” and then “Check in now” and choose the class you want help with. You will then join the wait list, and as soon as a tutor is available you will get a notification. When you get the notification, check in, and you will see a Zoom link from the tutor that you can open from within Penji.

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