Professor and two students utilizing engineering equipment


Department of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics

Hani Abu-Salem, PhD

Research Interests

Dr. Hani Abu-Salem is interested in information retrieval and natural language processing, or how to build systems that can deal with human language. This includes storing, processing, and retrieving multi-lingual data. His research areas of interests include the following:

  • Investigate various ways to apply information technology (IT) to enhance, facilitate, and enrich information processing, management, and transfer.
  • Devise dynamic bilingual or multilingual information retrieval (IR) systems that learn from user interactions and adapt its strategies to accommodate the information needs of individual users. This area is becoming more interesting and important, as text based information finds its way into homes and businesses through the web, internet and intranets.
  • Explore methods of combining different retrieval approaches, sources of evidences and interactions to enhance information discovery on the web.
  • Text summarization as a valuable tool in helping people deals with the information explosion.