Professor and two students utilizing engineering equipment

Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics

Fostering study, learning, and appreciation of the mathematical sciences

The mission of the Department of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics is to provide students with an understanding and an appreciation of mathematics and the related areas of computer science and engineering.

To this end, the department:

(a) provides students throughout the university with training in thinking analytically through problem-solving activities and in communicating effectively using graphical and numeric symbols;

(b) provides instruction in several courses required for the USC engineering program;

(c) provides the mathematical background for pre-service and continuing elementary school teachers and secondary school mathematics teachers; and

(d) provides mathematics, computer science, and process engineering majors with background for graduate studies or preparation for careers in computer science, engineering or mathematics.

In addition, the department seeks to foster study, learning, and appreciation of the mathematical sciences among pre-college students through outreach activities.