USC Aiken is strongly committed to retention, progression, and graduation of students. National research on retention supports the idea that students who are engaged in their campus community are more likely to remain in school and be successful. Living in on-campus housing strongly facilitates the engagement of students with other students and with campus life, and these factors contribute to their retention.  

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All USC Aiken freshman entering college in the fall semester are required to live on campus for two semesters. All USC Aiken freshman entering college in the spring semester are required to live on campus for one semester. A freshman is defined as any student who has not attended college after graduation from high school.

All newly admitted freshman may request an exemption to the policy if one of the following situations apply:

  1. The student will be living with their parent or guardian and will be residing within 35 miles of 471 University Parkway, Aiken, SC 29801.  (Required documentation:  Parent/Guardian must fill out the Parent/Guardian section of the Housing Exemption form)
  2. The student is married.  (Required documentation: a copy of the marriage license)
  3.  The student has a dependent or legal guardianship of a sibling.  (Required documentation: a copy of the child's birth certificate or court order of legal guardianship)
  4.  The student is now 21 years old or will be at the beginning of the semester.

A student requesting an exemption for one of the reasons stated above must complete the Housing Exemption Form and provide a personal statement indicating how they plan to become engaged in the community while living at home.  The Housing Exemption form is due as soon as possible, but no later than August 1st.

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