How do I apply for Housing at USC Aiken?

Watch this video or follow these directions:

Note: Before getting started, you will need your VIP ID number and password to login. You will also need to have your Multifactor Authentication set up. If you need assistance, please contact the USC Aiken Computer Help Desk at 803-641-3391.

Step 1:  Go to my.usca.edu and click on Sign in to Self Service Carolina (SSC). 

Step 2:  Click on the Student Tab

Step 3:  Click on the box that says Housing Services

Step 4:  Go to the campus tab and select Aiken and click continue

Step 5:  Please select your application year to view application

Step 6:  Fill out the Housing application

Step 7:  Pay your $125 security deposit and $25 application fee

* Students living in USC Aiken housing require additional vaccination information.  You must show proof of having received the Menactra (MCV4) vaccine already, or sign a waiver stating that you have educated yourself on the risks of the Meningococcal Disease, and that you choose NOT to be vaccinated with Menactra (MCV4).

Can I stay on campus during the summer?

If you have been accepted to USC Aiken and plan to enroll in summer classes, housing is available. Click here for more information regarding summer housing at USC Aiken.

What if I want to room with someone that I know?

You must set up your roommate/suitemate preferences prior to selecting your room. All preferences must be mutual and must be setup by both parties in the edit roommate section of your Housing application.  

How will I know who my roommate and suitemates are?

Once you have chosen a room, you will be able to view your room assignment and roommate/suitemate information in the Housing section of Self Service Carolina.

How do I cancel my contract?

Please see our Cancellation Policy.

What items should I bring when I move in to my room on campus?

For a list of items that you may want to bring, click here.

How do I connect my computer to the wifi when I move into housing?

All rooms and common areas have wireless capabilities to connect to the Internet. For the recommended minimum system requirements for PCs and Macs as well as information on connecting to the network, click here.

When will I receive my Housing deposit refund check?

Refunds are processed by USC Aiken and then sent to USC Columbia for processing and for the checks to be issued.  This process takes 6 weeks.

Please make sure you update your mailing address in Self Service Carolina, so that you receive your refund check at the correct mailing address.