A pre-law student may select virtually any undergraduate major in preparation for law school. Students interested in pursuing a law degree may enroll in one of several different bachelor's degree programs at USC Aiken, including English, Sociology, Political Science, History, Psychology, and Business. The two most common pre-law majors are political science and history. Once you complete your undergraduate degree, you then apply for law school and begin your actual law studies.

The South Carolina Supreme Court has found the following subjects highly beneficial in taking the bar examination and for the pursuit of a career as an attorney: English composition and applied writing courses, English public speaking, United States history, accounting, economics, logic, literature, political science and philosophy. Students expecting to practice law successfully in this state should take as many of these courses as practical.

In the Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy, pre-law students are provided with an understanding of the judicial system as well as of politics through the study of political science. History courses prepare students for law school by teaching them historical method and an understanding of the past. This historical methodology is the approach used in American law schools and our legal system, where past legal precedents are applied to present cases. Students also have the opportunity to gain valuable experience through the Department's program of pre-law internships. The Department also prides itself in the close interaction between students and faculty. Students also have the opportunity to develop close ties to fellow pre-law students, especially through our Pre-Law Club.

For pre-law advisement, a student should contact the chair of their major department and Pre-Law Advisor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..