Several courses in religious studies are offered. Students contemplating a major in Religious Studies can complete at least their first two years at USCA. Students may include Religious Studies as a concentration or component in the BIS degree.


  • PHIL 102 Introduction to Philosophy 3
  • RELG 101, 103 6
  • One (1) of the following courses: 3

ANTH 352 Anthropology of Magic and Religion

HIST 341 Religion in America: A Historical Survey

RELG 301 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

RELG 302 Introduction to Early Christian Writings

  • Two (2) additional courses selected from: 6

ENGL 389 Classical Mythology

ENGL 425 Early America Literature

HIST 441 Topics in Religious History

HSSI 201 Peace Studies

PHIL 211 Contemporary Moral Issues

PHIL 302 Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 311 Ethics

RELG 390 Topics in Religious Studies

Any courses listed above in III not taken to not taken to fulfill item III.

  • Total hours required 18