Technology at USCA...

Campus technology at USCA is maintained by the staff of the Computer Services Division.  We currently have a full-time staff of 19 and 7-13 student workers.

Most people just call us CSD.  Our administrative offices are in Suite 236 of the Admin/Penland building.  We also have office space and equipment located all across campus, but as a student the only part of CSD you'll likely ever need to visit is the Computer Services Help Desk.

This website should be your first point of contact with the Help Desk.  It includes answers to the most frequent questions from students, faculty and staff.  If you can't find it here, feel free to contact us or stop by for assistance.

***Be sure to read the Setup Usernames and Passwords page as soon as possible***

Important Information for New Students!

Setup your new email addresses as soon as possible!  USCA students share Office 365 servers with the campus faculty and staff.  Unlike other USC-system campuses you should not use the Columbia-campus provided email addresses using  That means you'll need to sign into your new email account before you arrive on campus. You'll sign into email with your PacerStudent password instead of your Blackboard password. For more info check out the Switch Accounts page.

5 GHz wireless adapters are needed for best results in residence halls and work best across the rest of campus offering a greatly improved connection.  If you're buying a new computer or wireless adapter be sure it supports connecting to wi-fi at 5GHz (your sales person should be able to assist you with this).  5GHz adapters offer a much more stable connection resulting in vastly improved performance on the campus wi-fi over older 2.4GHz adapter connections. Residence halls at USCA were upgraded to new 5GHz access points during summer 2016. Most laptops and devices purchased in the last 5 years will already be able to use this new technology.  Devices which don't can be upgraded with a USB wi-fi adapter to connect to the 5GHz wi-fi.

Appointments available all year!  Instead of waiting until classes start, stop by any time for assistance!  To ensure someone will be here to help you quickly, be sure to call or email for an appointment.  We'll sit down with you in the lab or one of our offices, walk you through setup of all your accounts and devices, and answer any questions you might have about technology on campus.

Wireless printers have proven to be the #1 cause of students dropping Wi-Fi connections in housing. Wireless printers are no longer allowed on campus because a printer's wireless connection interferes with secure networks causing those in surrounding areas to be kicked off Wi-Fi.  If you plan to bring a printer to campus, any wireless features must be disabled and a USB cable used instead to connect to your computer. The Help Desk can help you find instructions for disabling wireless on your printer. 

Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported on campus networks!  Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014 and Vista on April 11th, 2017.  XP and Vista systems are no longer able to connect to the campus network.

Students have their own secure 250Mb/s network called PacerStudent.  You should not connect to PacerNet, PacerGuest or any other campus network.  Student owned devices which accidentally connect to another network will need to be switched over to the PacerStudent connection.  PacerGuest is not secure and using it puts your devices at risk.  PacerNet is optimized for connections to administrative and staff systems, meaning you'll get less bandwidth for sites like my.usca, Blackboard, Facebook, YouTube, gaming, etc.

To make sure you're ready, complete each of the steps below BEFORE arriving on campus.  

8am - 8pm Monday -Thursday
8am - 5pm Friday
Closed Saturday - Sunday
Closed Campus Holidays

The Help Desk is located in B&E Suite 238
803-641-3391 from non-campus phones
x4357 from campus phones

After-Hours Outage Reporting
Call or Text 803-265-5266