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Switching Student Email Accounts

Office 365 and email for students will now be hosted on the same servers as those for USCA faculty and staff, so you'll need to make a slight change to your email address and how you sign-in.

What do I need to do?

The short-story: Just change the @email.usca.edu portion of your email address to @usca.edu and sign-in using your PacerStudent password instead of your Blackboard password.  Otherwise, use email like you always do.

The slightly-longer-story: New messages sent to your old @email.usca.edu account won't be forwarded automatically, but again that's pretty easy to correct.  Just follow the instructions below to forwarding email. (This is particularly important for the first few weeks of the Fall 2015 semester.)

The email from your old account at @email.usca.edu also won't be copied over automatically to the new account.  If you want a copy of all the old messages moved to the new account, you'll need to do that manually, but it's pretty easy. Instructions to copy over the old email are also included below.

You should also notify anyone outside the University who sends to your old account that you have a new address. You might want to setup an Automatic reply to notify anyone who still sends to your old account. Again, simple instructions can be found below to set up automatic replies.

What is the purpose of changing addresses (again)?

There are several good reasons:

  • Email delays we've all seen for the past couple of years between faculty/staff and student email accounts will be eliminated. 
  • Students and faculty/staff will once again be able to share access to each other's calendars. This has been a huge problem for student workers and their supervisors.
  • All students will immediately have 1TB of OneDrive space, instead of waiting on the eventual upgrade for this on the @email.usca.edu accounts managed by Columbia.
  • Having student email back "in-house" means we can help you with email issues much faster.
  • Many new collaboration and classroom technologies will be available with everyone on the same Office 365 server.
  • And of course, most importantly: @usca.edu is a shorter email address than @email.usca.edu

Will I get to keep my current email address?

Your old account will still be available for now, but you shouldn't use it as your official University account...if at all.  To make the upgrade possible, students have to switch to the new email address schema. For example, a student who previously used doejr@email.usca.edu would now use doejr@usca.edu.  If you do want to access your old account for any reason, just sign into it using the old address and your Blackboard password.

How long do I have to switch to the new system?

You should immediately sign into your new email account and begin using it as your official USCA email account.  This will ensure you don't miss any messages from your instructors, classmates or the university, and allow you immediate access to the additional features the new account provides.  However, your old @email.usca.edu account will also remain active for now if you need to get back into it for some reason.

Setup your new @usca.edu email account

Be sure that as soon as you have your new account setup, you disable the forwarding from the new to the old account which has been in place over the summer. You'll find the steps to do that at the end of this page.

Now let's get your new account setup...

Go to https://portal.microsoftonline.com

Enter your new address as the Username. It's your PacerStudent Username followed by @usca.edu.  For example, if my PacerStudent Username was smithj then my new email address will be smithj@usca.edu

You'll need to stop by or contact the Help Desk using your old @email.usca.edu account if you need your PacerStudent password reset.

If you're not sure what your username and password should be, please see the PacerStudent information page.  If you still have a problem with your account, please contact the USCA Help Desk for assistance.  The Columbia/UTS Help Desk will not be able to assist you with this account.

Set your Timezone to Eastern.  You'll need to scroll to the top and then find the Eastern time zone.  It's the 16th from the top.

Once the Time Zone is set, click Save.

You'll see your new Inbox and you should begin using this account as soon as possible.  Be sure to notify everyone of your new email address!

If you run into any issues during any part of the steps above, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Want to forward new messages sent to your old account?

To make sure you don't miss any messages during the first few weeks of the Fall 2015 semester (or messages someone might accidentally still send to your old @email.usca.edu address) you should set-up a forward from the old account to your new account.  It's pretty simple to do.

This won't copy over any old messages though.  If you'd prefer to have a copy of the old mail and have messages forwarded, see the next section "Want to keep a copy of your old mail?".

Just going to forward?

  • Log into your old @email.usca.edu account
  • Click the "gear" icon in the upper-right side of the screen
  • Click Options
  • Click Accounts > Forwarding
  • Select Start forwarding
  • Enter your new email address (for example, joesomebody@usca.edu)
  • If you'd like to both forward any new messages and keep a copy of new messages in the old account, check "Keep a copy of forwarded messages..." otherwise just leave that checkbox empty
  • Click Save

New messages to your old account will now forward over to your new account.  There may be a slight delay between your old account receiving a new message and it being delivered to your new account.

IMPORTANT: You may want to send a test message to your old account just to make sure it does forward to your new account.  If it doesn't for some reason, please contact the Help Desk for assistance. 

Want to keep a copy of your old email?

If you'd prefer to keep a copy of your old mail don't just Forward your mail, instead you can link your two accounts.  Linking them will transfer a copy of your old email from your @email.usca.edu account to your new @usca.edu account and forward any new messages as well.  You can do so in just a few simple steps.

Method 1 (works for about 80% of those who try it)

  • Log into your new @usca.edu account
  • Click the "gear" icon in the upper-right side of the screen
  • Click Options
  • Click Accounts > Connected accounts
  • Click the + icon
  • Enter your old email address (for example, jrdoe@email.usca.edu)
  • Enter the password for your old email (same as your Blackboard password)
  • Click OK at the bottom-right

If the steps above don't work for you, you'll see a message saying a secured connection couldn't be established.  If that happens to you, just do the following additional steps.

Method 2 (works for everyone else)

  • Click Next
  • Select IMAP
  • Enter your old email address for both the email address and the username
  • Enter the password for your old email account
  • Enter outlook.office365.com for the server
  • Set Encryption Method to SSL
  • Ensure that the port is set to 993
  • Leave all other options as they are

If you still can't connect your accounts you will need to reset your Blackboard password, wait about 5-minutes and try again.

Once your accounts are connected, your old messages will begin downloading automatically in the background.  You do not need to stay logged in for this to occur.  It may take up to a day for all old messages to copy from the old account to the new.

IMPORTANT: You should begin seeing messages copied over to your new account within a few hours.  If you haven't seen the copy start within 24-hours, this procedure may not work for your account.  In that case, please contact the Help Desk so we can help you import your old mail. 

Want to send an Automatic reply to anyone who messages your old account?

A simple way to notify people of your new email account is to set up an automatic reply on your old account to send a reply message giving them your new account information.  It's easy to do.

  • Log into your old @email.usca.edu account
  • Click the "gear" icon in the upper-right side of the screen
  • Click Options
  • Click Mail > Automatic Processing > Automatic replies
  • Select Send automatic replies
  • Write a simple message in the box provided. Something like: My new email address is joesomebody@usca.edu.  Please update your address book.
  • Leave the rest of the options as their default settings
  • Click Save

Now anytime someone sends a message to your old account they'll automatically get a reply alerting them to your new address and suggesting they update their address book.

IMPORTANT: It's still best to directly notify anyone important about your new address. You will also need to change the address in the settings of any accounts which might use the address like the account on your bank's website.


Want to check your new email on your phone?

If you connect to email using your phone or other wireless device, you can connect it to your new account now.

For most devices you can simply do the following:

  • Add a new Corporate Email or Exchange account to your devices email program
  • Enter your full email address as your username and your PacerStudent password when prompted

Most devices will then automatically pull down your account information and connect all of your services.  If that doesn't work, you may need to try some alternative instructions Microsoft provides here: http://office.microsoft.com/client/15/help/home?Shownav=true&lcid=1033&ns=OLWAO365E&ver=15&v=15.0.837.4&mode=Desktop&helpid=ms.exch.owao.ConfigureMobilePhone

Don't forget to: Turn off forwarding from your new account to your old account?

Forwarding was setup over the summer to make sure any messages that went to your new account before you set it up would be forwarded to your old account.  We didn't want you to miss anything.  Now that you have your new account setup, you need to turn that off or you could end up with an email loop...which wouldn't be a good idea.

To turn off the forwarding we setup for everyone...

  • Log into your old @usca.edu account
  • Click the "gear" icon in the upper-right side of the screen
  • Click Options
  • Click Accounts > Forwarding
  • Select Stop forwarding
  • Click Save

That's it.  You're all done.

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