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!!New Account Management Tools Go Live 04/01/2019!!


Big changes are coming to account management!

Stating April 1st, you'll see changes simplifying management of accounts used to access USC university services like Self-Service Carolina, Blackboard, MFA and many others.

Account Management Menu

Managing all USC University Services Accounts will now be done through a single Account Management Menu

The menu offers these options:

  • Account Claiming
  • Update Account Settings
  • Forgot Password
  • Forgot ID's
  • Need Further Assistance/Reclaim Account

 Find more information on the new account management options for current students, faulty, staff and affiliates, here.

Forgotten ID's, Passwords and Security Questions

All users will now have the option to reclaim their own VIP accounts. No more calling USC Aiken Records or Columbia UTS to reset your VIP ID Security Questions.  Now you can reset your own security questions and reclaim your account directly from the Account Management Menu.

The entire password reset function is now faster, simpler and more secure.

Even if you forget your User ID's you'll be able to reset and get access to your USC university services accounts online 24x7.

More Info on Account Management Changes

Account management is now known as Identity and Account Management (IAM).  Want more information? You'll find everything on the IAM page.

More improvements on the way Summer 2019.

This summer we'll roll out improvements to all USC Aiken Campus Accounts. More information is on the way soon but here's a quick preview.

USCA Network and PacerStudent accounts will now both be called the Pacer Account

The account students, faculty, staff and affiliates use to access local USC Aiken campus resources, like: the USC Aiken campus network, email, campus computers, Wi-Fi, VPN, shared drives and folders, PacerPrint, and all websites, will now be known as the Pacer Account.

You'll still use the same username and passwords you always have to access USC Aiken campus resources. Unifying the branding of all accounts under one name (Pacer Account) just simplifies self-help resources and local account management making things easier for everyone.

Expiring Password Reminders

To help prevent users from getting locked out of their account, automated alerts emails will be sent when your Pacer Account password is nearing expiration.  You'll be reminded 30-days and 14-days before your password expires.  Then beginning 7-days before expiration, you'll receive daily reminders.

Online Password Resets

Automated password resets are finally coming to your USC Aiken Campus accounts.  You'll now be able to reset your password online though Office 365 without contacting the Help Desk.  Password reset will be available 24x7x365.

Additional Account Security

USC Aiken account holders will have the option of adding Microsoft MFA to their accounts for greater security.  Microsoft MFA, similar to the DUO MFA you already use for other university accounts, works with your mobile phones or devices through text message or an app.

More Info on USC Aiken Campus Account Changes

Information on all upcoming improvements will be sent through email and social media over the next few months as each becomes available to the campus. 

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After-Hours Outage Reporting
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